Ontario Literacy Association Niagara

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*Ontario Literacy Association Niagara Announcement*

Thank you to all who attended, participated, sponsored, and/or volunteered at our 1st Annual Spring into Reading Festival!

We have some highlights of the event to share with you!

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Formerly the Ontario Reading Association (ORA), the Ontario Literacy Association Niagara (OLAN) is a local provincial chapter of the International Literacy Association. It is a professional organization of individuals devoted to enhancing the language and literacy experiences of individuals across the life span.

The purposes of ORA shall be:

1. To enhance and improve the professional development of literacy educators.

2. To improve the quality of literacy at all levels.

3. To sponsor seminars and meetings planned to implement the purposes of ORA.

4. To promote mutual understanding and supportive participation among educators, community members, and parents concerning issues related to literacy.

If you are interested please contact us at [email protected].